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Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Social Care Complaints and CSCI

Users see health and social care services as a continuum and so they should be in reality. Often it’s the gaps between services that give rise to problems. So it’s encouraging to see CSCI launching a consultation, closing date 10 Jan 05, on its complaints procedures for adult social services. Read about it here:


The process specifically for children appeared at the end of October and is on the DfES site here (closing date 21 January 05): www.dfes.gov.uk/consultations

CSCI is also consulting on its proposals for the independent review stage of the social services complaints procedure to start in April 05. These appeared towards the end of September. See the documents here: www.csci.org.uk/publications/consultations/independent_voice_complaints.htm Closing date on the CSCI consultation is 20 December 04.

The proposals for social care complaints independent review panels, in terms of lay input to the process, make an interesting comparison with the approach to second stage NHS complaints adopted by the Healthcare Commission.

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