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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Refreshed for Easter - Val Moore finds the UK Policy Governance Academy even more compelling the second time around

I came back from the second UK Policy GovernanceĀ® Academy refreshed and full of enthusiasm for both the theory and the practice. I first did the Academy - the Policy Governance foundation course - in the summer of 2005. I decided it was time to brush up on the theory and catch up on the practice by sitting in on the second UK Academy run as before by John and Miriam Carver, the creators and developers of this simple, comprehensive and rigorous governance system.

More compelling second time around, Policy Governance in the board room

The Academy was organised by the UKPGA (the UK Policy Governance Association) and both the Chairman Caroline Oliver and the Chief Executive Stuart Emslie were on the course. The venue in Northampton was generously provided by the Motor Neurone Disease Association and their Chief Executive Kirstine Knox took part in the Academy itself.

Amongst those attending were experienced policy governance practitioners as well as students from as far afield as America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Policy Governance can work anywhere in the world regardless of the legal or organisational structures which prevail in any particular country. The case histories I heard at the Academy were to me conclusive proof that PG can provide the basis of good governance in the commercial world, the public sector and voluntary bodies - all of whom were represented in Northampton.

This general applicability of Policy Governance in a host of different social and corporate cultures offers an answer to those people I meet in the UK who tell me that they find the PG concepts very interesting but then go on to say two things: firstly that now never seems quite the right time to introduce PG and secondly that they are not quite sure that PG "fits their circumstances, organisation or regulatory regime". I will be saying to them in future that the approach has moved well beyond the experimental and now is as good a time to dip a toe into the PG pool - well actually not just a toe: I will be calling for full immersion. The water's lovely once you're in.

The M-A-C Partnership has exciting plans for further development of Policy Governance in the UK, so if you are interested in hearing more, contact me (see Contact page for my details). If you want to know more about the UKPGA, contact Stuart Emslie

The concept of Policy GovernanceĀ® follows the model developed and defined by John and Miriam Carver as: "an integrated set of concepts and principles that describes the job of any governing board". The Carver model is "a collection of principles and concepts that make sense as a whole". For listings of the Carver's qualifications and publications see www.carvergovernance.com.

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