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Wednesday, 07 February 2007

£2.55 worth of PPI Evidence

A heavy brown envelope1 postmarked House of Commons thumped through the letter box this morning. Sadly it did not contain offers of a peerage for any of my saintly partners but all the written evidence submitted to the House of Commons Health Committee on Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS. Those of you who are not on the Committee's mailing list can get it at www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmhealth.htm

There are 140 submissions which bear out our perception that PPI is no longer a minority interest. Reading this hefty chunk of evidence will take a moment or two but we hope to pull out the plums from this particular pie for our readers soon.

Our evidence is referenced as Ev 160 / PPI 39 and the Motor Neurone Disease Association is Ev 162/ PPI 162. Monitor's evidence Ev 157 /PPI 118 has interesting stats on membership numbers and the typical Governance Structure of a Foundation Trust Board of Governors.


1Under the new Royal Mail classification, was this a large letter or a packet? Did the committee staff have to stand in an endless queue like the rest of us to find out?

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