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Wednesday, 01 November 2006

Exciting Times - the promotion and development of Policy Governance® in the UK

The Moore Adamson Craig Partnership has had an exciting four weeks with the promotion and development of Policy Governance® in the UK and as the M-A-C partner leading on this aspect of our work, I really enjoyed the learning and discussions which strengthened my belief that Policy Governance® is very important for organisations and individuals who care about ethical and effective governance.

Carver brings the word to the UK
Dr. John Carver, the creator of Policy Governance® and his wife Miriam came over from the States this autumn to attend several governance events. The first was the 9th International Conference on Corporate Governance and Board Leadership held at Henley Management College. John's contribution about integrated board leadership created great interest at this prestigious annual event and shows that Policy Governance has a definite contribution to make at the highest level of the governance debate in the UK.

On a less formal note, John and Miriam were guests of honour at a Reception held by the newly formed United Kingdom Policy Governance Association on Sunday 1st October. Members of the UKPGA Board and other consultants and enthusiasts spent an enjoyable afternoon at my home in south London socialising and exchanging views and news on governance.

Breakfast with BP
On Friday 6 October, British Petroleum hosted a Breakfast Seminar where John Carver was once again at the podium talking about the role and responsibility of Boards. He was joined by David Jackson, Company Secretary of BP and Peter Butler CEO of Governance for Owners LLP. Stuart Emslie CEO of the UKPGA chaired this thought provoking session. The audience included a wide range of board members and senior executives from industry, health and education, professional and commercial associations and the public and third sectors. Such a mix of people and organisations is unusual in one room and yet Policy Governance seemed to be ringing all their bells. When John Carver talked about the Policy Governance model, he explained he was not describing a means of testing hypothetical outcomes eg the Treasury economic model, he was talking about a system - a coherent approach that offers a comprehensive theory of governance as well as the means of its application.
PG relevant across the organisational board
The excitement generated by these events has not so much been about the events themselves but about the realisation that Policy Governance® model has relevance to so many different types of organisations from the biggest commercial enterprise, through professional bodies and trade associations to independent third sector bodies including even the smallest charity. Policy Governance is all about Boards understanding their unique role in determining the purpose and direction of an organisation in line with the aspirations of the owners. Policy Governance is about the Board sorting out the "ends" and letting the CEO and staff get on with their job which is about the "means".

The Ah Ha! Moment
It is about the Board being one step down from the "owners" of an organisation NOT one step up from management. This last description was used time and again during the various meetings and every time you could see the light bulbs click on and hear the "Ah ha" sound of people getting the point! Once you grasp this fundamental principle, you begin to see how Policy Governance can be applied and make a real difference to the accountability and responsibility of Boards and the effectiveness and accountability of their Chief Executives.

Introductory Workshops - 4 and 6 December 2006 - Central London
It is early days for the growth of Policy Governance in the UK and there are only a handful of experienced consultants able to work with organisations to challenge their thinking on governance and offer Policy Governance as a way forward. The UKPGA is therefore acting as a co-ordinator and sponsor of Introductory Policy Governance Workshops which bring together a number of UK based consultants to share their experience and skills with participants. The Moore Adamson Craig Partnership is an active collaborator in two such events which are being held on 4 and 6 December 2006 in central London. Anyone interested in Governance is encouraged to attend one of these half day workshops in order to decide how they would like to move forward with Policy Governance. There will be a charge of £100. Contact me at

Advanced Training - January 2007
Some people may wish to follow up the introductory workshop with advanced training in January 2007 when the UKPGA will be calling upon the resources of colleagues from Canada to work in detail through Policy Governance systems and applications.

Become an Accredited PG practitioner - The 2nd UK Policy Governance Academy
Some people will wish to pursue their interest in Policy Governance right through to the second UK Policy Governance Academy which will be held in London 26-30 March 2007. (for further details see www.ukpga.org.uk )

M-A-C and Policy Governance® Consultancy

Others who attend the introductory workshops in December and who are beginning to think about the relevance of PG to their own organisations, may wish to have the direct support of the M-A-C Consultancy Services. They may want to test out the relevance of the Policy Governance model on their own organisations and they may want to introduce other colleagues to the principles and applications.

M-A-C can tailor make an ad-hoc presentation or a series of sessions to the specific needs and circumstances of an individual organisation. Calling upon their wide experience of organisational development and change, the M-A-C partners can support organisations through this challenging but rewarding journey. As a graduate of the first UK PG Academy, I would lead any consultancy work personally and my colleagues and associates would provide support and contribute their expertise on such wider issues as business structures, ownership/membership development, executive coaching, etc.

I am excited by this new aspect of the partnership's work and I think you will be fascinated to find out what Policy Governance might do for your Board. For further information contact me on and read more about our consultancy services and other articles about Policy Governance®

You have nothing to lose except an inefficient and ineffective Board - so don't delay - email or telephone me on 07776 133406 to find out more.

Policy Governance® is the registered service mark of John Carver. Used with permission.  The ® after Policy Governance is a symbol used to protect the integrity of the principles and practices that make up the Policy Governance model. Its use does not imply any financial obligation to the service mark owner. The authoritative website for the Policy Governance model can be found at www.carvergovernance.com

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