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Monday, 03 July 2006

How to make a supplier market in healthcare work

If you haven't seen the discussion paper from the Kings Fund about ideas for making a supplier market in UK healthcare work, then you should read it without delay. It's guaranteed to have something to both upset and delight everyone! Perhaps that's what the much-touted phrase "constructive discomfort" means. More to the point, in a brief discussion it manages to cover all the main and sometimes contradictory deep currents that are churning things up on the surface of the NHS. It ends with sketching out alternate scenarios of how things might be five years from now. Brave New Worlds indeed. Where, one might ask, is the voice of the service user in all of this? Or has "choice" swelled to the level that "voice" is no longer needed? That aside, it is stimulating stuff and best read all at one go, after which a stiff drink is probably the right prescription.

Designing the New NHS: ideas to make a supplier market in healthcare work is free to download from www.kingsfund.org.uk/resources/publications/designing_the.html

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