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Friday, 21 April 2006

The future of mutually-owned organisations in community and primary care

Just after we had put our M-A-C  Briefing Paper in the post (New Business Structures in Health and Social Care), the King's Fund published a paper "Social Enterprise and Community-Based Care - is there a future for mutually-owned organisations in community and primary care?".


This focuses as the title suggests on mutuality and asks two questions - "can the idea of mutuality add value to health service provision?" and if the answer is yes, how to promote that idea?

Our paper throws its net wider and does not argue for one form of provision against another and offers commissioners a sense of the range of choices that will be out there in the future. 

Take a look at pages 14, 15 and 16 of our briefing paper (Adobe PDF) and see what answers you come up with to the questions posed there.

Read our paper first and if you are persuaded that mutuality is the way to go, read the King's Fund one. See what you think and tell us your views.

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