Notes from the field of public involvement

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

New Business Structures in Health and Social Care

M-A-C has caught the moment with its briefing paper for health and social care commissioners on the implications of new business structures (links to Adobe PDF) emerging across these sectors. This encompasses social enterprises as well as private companies. The Guardian recently profiled ELIC – East London Integrated Care and the Health Service Journal this week featured Central Surrey Health. We discuss both these initiatives in our briefing, setting them in the wider context of governance forms and service delivery models.

We will keep this briefing updated as a downloadable resource (on M-A-C's main site - in 'Our Information' section) which we hope will be of particular relevance to Primary Care Trusts and practice-based commissioners as well as commissioners of social care services.

As always, we invite comments about the whole area of public service commissioning and service delivery through new business forms.

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