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Friday, 17 March 2006

Emotions and feelings at the cutting edge of modern philosophical debate

We seem to have hit a very rich seam in discussing the role and impact of feelings. See this latest despatch from our man in Cambridge at the cutting edge of modern philosophical thought whom I had alerted to our February blog posting Emotions in Decision Making:

Comment icon "That's great dad, I think that's really interesting. I'm actually writing about emotions in decision making at the moment (in a very dry way unfortunately) - about how and if emotions can affect one's justification for action. Hume thought emotion was the only possible justification for action-his famous catchphrase was 'reason is, and ought only to be, the slave of the passions'. It's a hot philosophical topic."

Thanks to Harry Adamson of the Cambridge Philosophy Department. Encouraged by its hot topic status, we are now thinking of an event to link the academic take to the pragmatic - how does this apply in real life? Would any of you, dear blog readers, be interested in coming and what would you like to see on the programme for the day? It would be a great shame if the Now I Feel Tall work shared the fate of so many other good ideas in the long march of the NHS and fall forgotten by the wayside.

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