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Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Consumer Representation Consolidated - DTI proposals a "Done Deal" says M-A-C

Published today on our web site: New Institution - New Ombudsman: Commentary on DTI Consultation on Consumer Representation 

We take a look at the proposals set out by the DTI in their January 06 Consultation Document Strengthen and Streamline Consumer Advocacy: Consultation on consumer representation and redress and wonder whether this is a done deal and why some bodies are in and others are not.

If we get a strong centralised consumer body, will there be any need for consumer representatives to talk to business and industry at all? The key relationship will be with the Regulator. We also look at the new model complaint handling arrangements proposed and how Ombudsman's relationships with business and the regulatory side work. Do Ombudsman keep themselves busy by inventing their own complaints by changing market rules retrospectively? Tell us and the DTI what you think.

DTI's consultation document in full can be found on: http://www.dti.gov.uk/consultations/consultation-1589.html

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