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Replies to: London's "clutter of institutions" undermines community engagement

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Visitor's comment  "If the recommendation is for LAs to take over and run health - well, I suspect Wandsworth Council would do a creditable job. Their politics aren't mine but they run an efficient service. And they would fight 'our' corner for a proper share of the resources. What would scare the daylights out of me would be, say, Lambeth or Merton running their own show - not a pretty sight!"
Anon. 27-Feb-06

Visitor's comment  The London Assembly has responded to the consultation of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on powers for the Greater London Assembly. Bearing in mind what the Commission on London Governance had to say about commissioning going to the borough councils, here's what the Assembly itself wants to happen about health:

  1. The new London-wide strategic health authority should include representation from the Mayor and London Assembly (in proportion to the representation of parties on the Assembly) and in the longer term the London Assembly should become the strategic health authority for London
  2. The role of the Mayor and Assembly in public health should be stronger
  3. There is 'strong logic' for London boroughs to take over the commissioning role of the PCTs, which are essentially coterminous
  4. The London Assembly's scrutiny powers should be extended to include the London SHA, including the power to summons persons and papers, in order "to exert public democratic influence over the body on behalf of all Londoners"
  5. The Mayor should have a formal relationship with the London Ambulance Service and should hold the LAS to account, as a pan-London executive body.

Read the full response here: www.london.gov.uk/assembly/publications/docs/odpm-response.rtf#_Toc128560736
Andrew Craig 1-Mar-06