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Friday, 08 April 2005

A new home for PACE (maybe)

Late last year we expressed the hope that the NHSU’s Patient and Community Engagement (PACE) Unit would find a new home in the coming dissolution of its still-infant parent body. It may be about to find one, if hints in the recent description of the successor National Institute for Learning, Skills and Innovation (NILSI) prove right [link below].

Government announced at the end of March that NILSI would soon be setting up shop at Warwick University. Their vision for NILSI certainly uses words like learning, training, development and widening participation – all of which give plenty of scope for patient and community engagement capacity building.

The promised Centre for Patient and Public Involvement Excellence which NILSI will manage on contract will shortly go out to tender. It must not be another self-regarding body like CPPIH. So, attention all bidders for creating the PPI Centre – and you know who you are: people out in the field look to you as the new champions of public and user involvement. You will need the people at PACE as partners if PPI if going to benefit users as well as staff.

PPI activists have had enough frustration. Let’s see something positive, bottom-up and inclusive for a change with people running the new Centre who actually know what they are doing in PPI. A new home for PACE in the PPI Centre would be a good sign that was going to happen.

The Way Forward: NHS Institute for Learning Skills and Innovation http://www.dh.gov.uk/assetRoot/04/10/75/24/04107524.pdf

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