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Monday, 07 March 2005

What Next for Public Involvement and Patients Forums?

The report was completed in October last year. M-A-C was pleased to be an informant and commented on the draft. Everyone expected it would be published quickly as part of the consultation on the future of Patients Forums following the announcement of the abolition of CPPIH. After all, this report is only the most comprehensive piece of work about what the future of Patients Forums and their support system should be like, based on input from a range of expert organisations and individuals.

Why the wait?
So why has it only now been released to the public when the consultation it should have been an integral part of ended on 31st January? Answer came that there was none.

That aside, the important thing now - if you are even marginally interested in Patients Forums and what happens next - is to read what Christine Hogg has written. M-A-C is pleased that you can do just that on this site.

Patient and public involvement in health - What happens next? (Adobe PDF file)
Christine Hogg

Are they listening?
The paper’s key messages are compelling. Those who are taking the decisions about the future should take heed. Christine’s two previous discussion papers on a national organisation for Patients Forums and reconfiguration of Forum boundaries can be found in December 2004 Posts.

If you have comments, let’s hear them.

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