Notes from the field of public involvement

What do you think the new primary care service should be called?

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Visitor's comment  "Not Quack then? Why are doctors referred to as quacks?"
Dan (email) 30-Jan-05

Visitor's comment  "And nurses will be called customer service representatives"
Dan (email) 7-Feb-05

Visitor's comment  I like that bit about nurses. "Customers" is contentious in the NHS, though not in other public services which is interesting.Clinicians think there is something almost magicial about "patients" (well they would wouldn’t they), a word I dislike because of its implied passivity. We prefer "users" as an omnibus term and that seems to be the least-worst word that the public likes too. I agree that it would be no bad thing if providers in the NHS thought more of their "customers" (or imagined themselves in that role as well) and then they might have more insight into how they are perceived. Dream on...
Andrew Craig 7-Feb-05