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Monday, 13 December 2004

Dame Janet Smith - complaints revolutionary

The 5th and final report of the Shipman Enquiry has appeared: 1,178 pages detailing “lessons from the past and proposals for the future”. Dame Janet Smith lays out a revolutionary approach to primary care complaints in England: full and immediate disclosure by GP practices of their complaints experience; a new “triage” role involving lay people at PCT level about investigating more serious complaints against GPs; investigating teams working across groups of PCTs; alignment of independent sector and NHS complaints procedures, with a link at second stage between private sector complaints and Healthcare Commission investigation procedures and, finally, objective standards against which to judge complaints which mesh with the threshold for referring matters to the GMC for action. Stand by for Government’s response and the long-awaited completion of the new complaints regulations.

Shipman Enquiry 5th Report : www.shipman-inquiry.org.uk/images/fifthreport/SHIP05_COMPLETE_NO_APPS.pdf

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